Arabian Princess invests in Indian vegan food start-up

Arabian Princess invests in Indian vegan food start-up

Thanks to a brand new food tech start-up Wegan Foods, the growing vegan community in India will soon have more access to dairy-free, vegan food. Wegan Foods has recently been launched due to funding from Her Highness Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi, who is a member of the Royal family of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

The CEO and Founder, Kinjal Darukhanawala, has stated that the funding will invest in scaling the commercial kitchen and brand building. According to reports, the company also plans to launch its offering in Mumbai through delivery apps, and by partnering with other company’s within the food sector.

Wegan Foods will offer a range of dairy-free and vegan inspired nutritious dishes. Darukhanawala said, “The first product development took close to six months. The idea is not just being vegan but also carrying a line of products that are delicious and nutritious for all age groups to devour. A lot of people have preconceived notions about vegan food; they think it is boring, tasteless and far from original taste and flavour. Our brand plans to banish these notions.”

Featuring on Wegan Food’s product list is vegan cheese, which is reportedly gluten-free and soy-free. The cheese slices, melts, and shreds just like any regular cheese. This cheese is set to launch towards the end of this year.

This news is being seen as very exciting due to India being second behind China to become the largest consumer of meat and dairy by 2050. So, this start up is seen as a prospect to contribute significantly to the avoidance of health and environmental worldwide issues.

However, this is going to prove difficult as India takes part in milk consumption with over 75 million dairy farmers. Although the rise of the vegan food sector is a positive step forward.

Other Mumbai-based restaurants have also included numerous vegan options on their menus. Also, several vegan restaurants have opened recently such as, Vegan Bites and Vegan Tiffin.

This rising trend certainly offers more plant-based options to diners in India.

Let us know what you think about this start-up, is it something you would be interested in doing? Do you think more of this should be offered in Britain?