Alternative Wedding Cakes

Alternative Wedding Cakes

12th September 2015

Where having a cake seems to be a form of wedding etiquette it is not vital, with each couple allowed to have their say on whether they do or do not want to have a cake on their big day. Being infamously expensive a cake can sallow up a whole load of the wedding budget for something that does not really have a huge impact on the happiness of the day.

Of late we have been brides and grooms experimenting with the idea of the wedding cake, taking unconventional approaches that work better for them and their guests. Here are just a few:

Cheese wedding cakes

With the nation now filled with far more cheese enthusiasts than there are cake lovers many are opting to feature a cheese cake at their wedding, having the option of choosing different cheese for each part. Making for a great after dinner treat a cheese wedding cake can make for a feature, seeing people get up, interact and enjoy a slice of cheese.


With the UK now buying into a craze called ‘cupcake culture’ many weddings are featuring towers of cupcakes at the venue, giving people the opportunity to take one home if too full.

A fake cake

Wedding cakes are known for going to waste, really only used for the ‘cutting of the cake’ photograph. This is why in a plea to save money couples are opting for a fake cake, using round boxes and covering them with icing. Sometimes having one tier of actual cake couples then have the opportunity to share some with the selected few that wish to take some home, not breaking the bank but still offering a slice of tradition.

Let us know what you think, would you opt for a traditional large wedding cake or not have one at all? Leave your comments below.