5 tips for quicker weeknight Indian cooking

5 tips for quicker weeknight Indian cooking

The words “Indian cooking” and “quick” aren’t natural bedfellows, but they often become necessary after a long day at work when you are wanting some Indian cuisine. Often people think that there is no way they will be able to whip up an Indian curry at the end of the day that will both taste delicious and fill tummies. Although we at Maharaja promise you that this is doable. So to help you out, here are our five top tips for quick and flavoursome Indian cooking

Simplify the spices

There are millions of spices to choose from when it comes to Indian cooking, but the best way is to start experimenting with just two or three spices. You can then grow your spice collection from there.

Buy ground spices in quantities

Always purchase ready powdered spices in smaller quantities. This is due to them tending to lose punch as the pack opens. This will save having to powder your own.

Use the freezer for ingredients

Use your freezer for ready access to specialized ingredients. By storing your coriander leaves, curry leaves and dill in the freezer, they are easy to whip out when needed, and they stay fresher for longer that way.

Skip recipes and fried onions

You may be thinking this is mad, but what takes time with Indian cooking is frying onions until they are caramelised. If you are in a hurry, pick recipes that don’t use fried onions as a base… or be brave and just make your own version up!

Always make extra food

Finally, always make extra of whatever dish you are cooking. If you are going to the effort of making a curry, whether it be in a hurry or not, make sure you have plenty of leftover for another meal.

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