5 Indian spices every cook should have in their kitchen

5 Indian spices every cook should have in their kitchen

While Indian food has been adopted by the UK, home-cooking rarely involves the flavours of the country, with Brits associating Indian food with the takeaway industry. At Maharaja we see it as our duty to change things, getting the mums, dads, and kitchen experimentalists using Indian spices on a daily basis.

In a mission to see Indian food cooked more than once a month for the family here are our top 5 Indian spices we believe all home-cooks should be working with.

<h3>Cinnamon </h3>

Great in a curry, a desert or even sprinkled on a hot chocolate, using cinnamon is a great way of spicing a bland dish up whilst adding a touch of colour. Vibrant in both taste and looks this spice is one of the most commonly used in Asia, with its health benefits striking a chord with many. Boasting the ability to lower blood sugar levels and reduce heart disease risk factors the Maharaja chefs sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

<h3>Turmeric </h3>

As another favourite of ours, Turmeric is a much recommended addition to the spice rack. Grown as a rhizome, Turmeric is a versatile spice, used in both fresh and dried forms. Sporting a pungent, earthy fragrance, this spice is used as a base for many traditional dishes; cemented in Indian culture.

<h3>Saffron </h3>

As the world’s most expensive spice, Saffron plays a prominent role in many Maharaja menus, with its wealth being justified in our opinion. With its price based on volume, buying a small amount will cost you pennies, transforming dishes with a pinch! However, here is one tip when purchasing; the deeper the colour the fresher the saffron!

<h3>Coriander  </h3>

Used both as an ingredient and as a pretty garnish, coriander is a kitchen essential in our opinion, with both leaf and seeds offering a beautiful aroma. Forming the base for many curries and popular side dishes coriander is a cheap way of adding depth to a dish.

<h3>Nutmeg  </h3>

Whilst consumed mostly at Christmas Nutmeg is a spice that can be used throughout the year, with its shelf-life being just one of its attractive qualities. Not required to be toasted Nutmeg is a convenient way of adding a little panache to dishes; a spice that we at Maharaja cannot live without.

Let us know what you think; what spice could you not live without? Leave your comments below.