5 Indian food Emojis we all desperately need!

5 Indian food Emojis we all desperately need!

We all know that these days an emoji can sometimes speak louder than words. As the world is increasing its love for emojis on a daily basis, us food lovers like to think more on the lines of gastronomy. The world of emoji’s is now almost perfect, with it having an emoji to match almost all of our foodie expressions. That is, except from the die-heart Indian food lover. We can often feel left a little lonely in the kingdom of food emojis. Therefore, we’ve dedicated a blog which includes all those highly anticipated Indian food emoji suggestions. All of these Indian food emoji’s are a must, and probably an emergency necessity of any social-media savvy who also loves Indian food. Take a look.


Absolutely no celebration or festival is complete without Mithai. This list is excessive, from perfect jalebis to delicious ladoos. It will certainly be a delight to be able to express our love for mithais through a dedicated emoji.


India absolutely runs on chai. From masala, cutting to kattan- therefore we think that an emoji is definitely a must!

Tandoori Chicken

When you are in India, whether it be on a family trip or for business, you cannot miss out on the iconic tandoori chicken. This is one of the best love delicacies of India, and so it should have a spot amongst the already existing emoji’s.

Chole Bhature

This is the pride of North Indian cuisine! This emoji wouldn’t just be cute, but a regularly used one from all Indian food lovers.


This Indian favourite deserves its spot on this list. As it’s a heavy contender in the food category, it really does deserve an emoji as a form of praise.

Be sure to tell us which Indian food emojis you think should become a part of the growing digital world. Additionally, be sure to take a look at our services and venues.

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