4 Spices of India that offer great health benefits

4 Spices of India that offer great health benefits

India is famous for its food and we cannot think of a proper Indian food without the use of spices. Each Indian spice has a distinctly different character and flavour: right from the slightly pungent taste of cumin to the hot fiery taste of red chilli powder. The use of Indian spices instantly pops up the flavour of the food in diverse ways. It is also interesting to observe that how the same Indian spices add different flavours when mixed with different foods. But the Indian spices are not only about flavours, they are also loaded with a wide array of health benefits. Would you mind a tour on this spicy route of India? Here we go:


Turmeric is not only bright in colour and taste but is also a brilliant source for treating various health disorders. Because of its excellent healing qualities, Turmeric is highly respected in Ayurvedic medicine. It belongs to the ginger family. Many of its health benefits are also studied by scientists and are found to be true. Turmeric can effectively help in the treatment of various stomach disorders like stomach pain, diarrhoea, stomach bloating, and interstitial gas. Apart from that, the turmeric can also be applied externally to cure dermatological problems like irritation, inflammation and ringworm. It is also known to allay the symptoms of arthritis. It may also be useful in treatment of depression. During depression, several inflammatory responses are generated. Curcumin is the major phytochemical found in Turmeric that fights these inflammatory responses and also helps in altering the neurotransmitters levels of brain that allays effects of depression.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is another type of healthy spice that has its origins in India. However, with time the use of Black pepper in Indian cuisine started declining. It might partially be due to the invention of many new age spices, many of which resembled the taste of Black Pepper but were much less strong. But till now a good variety of Indian cuisine still use Black Pepper. Ironically, it seems to be more favoured by European cuisine than in India. Its best companion of salt that cuts the strong flavour of Black Pepper with its sharp, salty taste. Black Pepper helps in regulating digestion and healing upset stomach. It has proven to be effective on congestion. When applied to the skin, it can stop the bleeding of a wound. Black pepper is also effective in maintaining and enhancing dental health, combating arthritis and stimulating appetite.


Cardamom is a condiment widely known for its royal, intense scent and bright nature. It is available in the form of a small shell that is a tad tough on the outer edge. The shell has a certain woody character. When it is opened there are a few little pods inside. Generally, the whole opened Cardamom shell is used in the food while sometimes the pods are taken for use and the shell is discarded. It helps in healing various digestion related problems and can also increase the appetite. Some of the health conditions that cardamoms can heal effectively include, gas, bloating and heartburn..The studies are also going on its cancer-fighting qualities. It is also known for its stimulant properties and detoxifying qualities. A balanced amount of cardamom can also prove to be helpful in maintaining healthy kidneys.


Cinnamon is another healthy spice of India that is widely used for brightening up the flavour of cooked food. It is most widely used in various types of Rice based cuisine. If adopted as a part of a balanced diet, Cinnamon can effectively help in balancing type 2 Diabetes by increasing insulin activity. Cinnamon also regulates cholesterol, improves blood flow and cleans intestine.

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