3 types of Indian soups to keep winter effects at a distance

3 types of Indian soups to keep winter effects at a distance

Whenever the Indian food is discussed, the curries and pickles get the prominent mention. However, there are many other forms of food that are quite popular in India. One such form is soup. The Indian soup is generally thicker and spicier than their western counterparts. However, there are exceptions, like corn soups of Rajasthan. They are not very spicy and retain the buttery flavour of corn.
The use of soup not only offers a welcome respite from regular breakfast but also gives some relief to the stomach. The Indian soups are quite light. In India, soups are also used to keep the ill effects of winter at a bay. So, let us know about some enjoyable soups of India that will prevent your from ill effects of winter:

Pepper Rasam Soup

One of the most prominent “gifts” of uncle winter is cold and cough. However, no one is inclined to accept this gift. If you also want to deny it politely then Pepper Rasam is the soup for you. It uses various piquant ingredients like cumin seeds and mustard seeds.

However, the bright spices are used to the minimum. It saves the identity of the cuisine as it is a soup and not a curry. Tomato forms the base of the soup. Tamarind is employed to add a perfect amount of sourness so that you can swing between sour and spicy taste. It is the use of whole black pepper along with curry leaves offers a perfect amount of pungency. It also helps you gain the health benefits

Khumb Nimbu Ka Ras (Lemon Mushroom Soup)

Mushrooms have a subtle taste. They also have the quality to linger on till late on our tongue even after being consumed. This Indian soup perfectly balances the subtle taste of mushroom with bright lemon and strong ingredients like onion and garlic. However no need to be scared by the strong taste of the both as they are used in a very small quantity. A good amount of cream and clarified butter are also used to balance the weight of the garlic and onion.

The use of spring onion and lemon adds an alternating character of bright and leafy taste. It retains the subtleness of the soup. The dried mushroom with a more prominent taste and is also sprinkled on the top. While enjoying this soup you can clearly feel the dual character of Indian strong flavour and subtle mushroom flavour. It is perfectly bridged by the fresh coriander and spring onion
The use of garlic offers the required heat to the body while the lemon helps in keeping the unwanted “gifts” of uncle winter at a bay.

Lemon Coriander Soup

The lemon coriander soup is an anytime-welcome Indian soup that we can enjoy throughout the intense winter months. It uses Chinese cabbage and carrots that are brightened up. The use of lemon and mushroom adds certain delicate touch to the soup. In fact, the use of mushroom also prevents the lemon to go too bright as that can prevent you to enjoy the soup in its entirety.

Leafy spinach and fresh coriander add a “green-relief” while the white pepper adds a relishing flavour to the soup. The lemon is a good source of vitamin C. It provides you with a fortified immune system to brave through the winter