3 absolutely tempting Indian dumplings

3 absolutely tempting Indian dumplings

Indians are famous for their love of oil and ghee.An Indian proverb says “If you are not rich, apply ghee around your lips before stepping out of the house. It shows people that you are wealthy enough to afford eatables made of pure ghee.” The ghee and oil are used in versatile ways in India. One of the most delectable dishes made of Oil is Indian Dumplings.A variety of dumplings is prepared and relished all over India.They can be eaten as a snack or enjoyed as a side dish. Let us taste a few of them:

Chikka Ada

Chikka Ada is among most relishing Indian dumplings of Kerala that uses sweetened jackfruit wrapped in spread rice dough. The wrapper is then steamed to cook it perfectly. To add a certain chewy texture, the coconut is also added to it.

The use of scented condiments like cardamoms, adds a certain fragrance to the dish.Employing cumin seeds in this sweet recipe may look strange but it does add a welcome variation in the flavour. The dough is rolled up in bay leaves before cooking that gives it a unique shape and taste. It can be enjoyed on its own or along with the food as a side dish.

Batata Vara

Batata Vara is a staple breakfast of Maharashtra. It is especially popular in Mumbai as a favourite street food. Right from the roadside vendor to trains and even at reputed restaurants you can find Batata Vada everywhere.It is a fried snack, filled with delectable well-mashed, spicy potatoes wrapped with a fine layer of gram flour. The use of sautéed cumin seeds and mustard seeds perfectly tickles the tongue while the turmeric and red chilli powder add certain sharpness to the delight.

One thing to note here is that Maharashtrian is not as inclined to sizzling hot spice as people of Rajasthan.Spices are used to lift up, rather than hide the real character of the potatoes.It helps in perfectly retaining the taste of potato.The layer of gram flour is a bit thicker than a general layer that is perfect for satiating your hunger.


Ghujia is one of the most delicious delicacies of Rajasthan. This dumpling is made with Suji (granulated Indian wheat) that is mixed with Maida. Maida is the finely milled wheat flour that is bleached and refined. Mixing suji not gives a lighter character to Maida and makes it easy on the stomach.

It also provides a certain variation in the taste. Once the dough is prepared and rolled the sweetened khoya is stuffed inside it. Khoya is the milk solids.A mixture of different nuts and dry fruits is also added to the Khoya. It offers a royal character to the Ghujias. Once filled the Ghujias are fried till golden brown. Ghujia is among widely favoured Indian dumplings during Holi, the colour festival of India.