10 things you didn’t know about chillies

10 things you didn’t know about chillies

A recent study has revealed that perhaps we should all try and tolerate spice a little bit more than we do. Everyone’s tolerance for chillies are different, and while some love a bit of fire in their meal, some actively avoid dishes that include the ingredient. However, new research suggests that chillies are a superfood. This research has revealed that 14 percent of adults that eat spicy foods more than three times per week had reduce health problems.

Additionally, the research has further shown that the ingredient in chilli peppers provide numerous health benefits. If this information is of interest to you, read on to find out the top ten things you didn’t know about chillies.

According to research, chilli peppers burn a significant amount of calories by raising the body’s temperature. By doing this the ingredient essentially helps with digestion through triggering a reaction in your gut. It also helps your body to produce more brown fat which is a very healthy fat which expends calories.

  • Chillies actively tame arthritis because of their endorphins. They also do this through inhibiting substance P, something which causes inflammation and alleviate sore muscles.
  • The ingredient is very well known for clearing up sinuses. Chilli peppers were used in a study by the University of Cincinnati which found that the hot chillies helped individuals which were suffering from sinus pain have a sense of relief quicker. They’ve revealed that the best and quickest way to relieve sinus pain is to use a nasal spray which contains capsaicin which is found in chilli peppers.
  • Top tip- the smaller the pepper, the hotter the taste.
  • Chilli peppers force you to drink more because of their heat, which ultimately reduces appetite. Drinking distracts your mind which makes you forget you want food.
  • Feel-good endorphins are released by chilli peppers. Your brain interprets spicy foods as pain which is similar to a sense of euphoria. Euphoria is commonly linked to a “runner’s high”.
  • When buying a chilli make sure you opt for the ones that look good. Firm and shiny chillies are always the best. Chefs often suggest that the ones with white striations are the ones that will be the hottest on your tongue.
  • Chillies always taste better cooked. According to research, cooked chillies release more bioactive compounds which help them absorb into the body easier.
  • Fresh chilli peppers are renowned for being fresher during the summer months. Equally, they are known for being milder during the winter. This is something handy to keep in mind while you are out chilli picking.
  • Finally, if you are someone that try their best to avoid spicy foods then there is a very good reason why you should try to include chillies into your dishes. Basically, it’s the spice that triggers many of the health benefits mentioned above.

In short: no pain, no gain.