At Maharaja we offer an unmatched service to Punjabi couples, putting on a spread that reflects Punjabi culture. Marriage is an auspicious occasion in the Indian society, with a huge focus being placed on every minute detail of the ceremony. Delectable cuisine is a must at such an occasion with the couple and their guests in need of a good wholesome meal following the many rituals of the day.

Originality is essential at a Punjabi event with the bride and groom wanting their wedding reception to go down in history for its eminence. At Maharaja we are remarkably creative when crafting our menus, testing new dishes on a constant basis. Where Punjabi food is all about tradition we at Maharaja take an innovative approach, modernising dishes and creating fresh takes on Indian classics.

The conventional Punjabi wedding reception is celebrated for its entertainment with fine food, music and dance all blending together to influence an overall feel of elegance. Punjabi dancers can bring lightheartedness to an occasion that is renowned for being very emotional. Following the Vidaai the bride will want to show her love towards her family, displaying to them that she is happy to be moving on to the next chapter in her life.

With the reception offering those moments of intimacy between the bride and her family a stunning meal can really make these precious moments memorable. Food is very important in Punjabi culture, providing the opportunity for families to share, thoughts and feeling. Our food is well known for bringing families together and sprinkling happiness.

Whether you are celebrating a Sikh or a hindu wedding we can provide a menu of delights to suit. If you wish to learn more about how we can cater to your Punjabi wedding then contact us today and speak with a member of the Maharaja team.