At Maharaja we understand that religious traditions and customs are essential with Asian wedding celebrations, especially Hindu affairs. Our catering services work inline your ethics, fitting into your celebrations where you wish.

Hindus are renowned for putting on an unforgettable display, going to impressive lengths to ensure their ceremonies are ones to remember. With the joyous rituals taking peoples breath away you will want your evening food to do the same, providing your loved ones with a fantastic meal that impresses.

Hindu’s attach a lot of importance to marriages so it is essential that every detail is flawless, especially the reception. At Maharaja we are perfectionists, putting great effort into both taste and presentation, enhancing the wedding experience for everyone.

Following the Kanyadaan, Panigrahana and Saptapadi, you will want to relax, having chance to enjoy your guest’s company without any interruptions. Maharaja is known for bringing delight to the Dampati, seeing them rejoice in each other’s company whilst relishing in the fine food that they are served.

We work very closely with the Dulha and Dulhan prior to the event, ensuring we know exactly how they see their wedding reception panning out, wanting to cater to their wishes as much as we do their guests. Offering an impeccable service at competitive prices has seen Maharaja evolve into a very popular option for Hindu wedding catering, creating bespoke menus for each and one of our clients.

If you are set to get married in the near future then allow us to discuss your catering options with you. We can even arrange a food tasting session to give you an insight into the Maharaja way of cooking.

Contact us today. We look forward to your call.